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This is my very first attempt at using three different mediums! The landscape is Handpainted wood, it is set in glow in the dark resin, and in an acrylic frame with a little bit of added cattle! 🐮 The UFO’s beam glows in the dark A LOT! But the resin doesn’t show through as much as I’d like it to - however if you do have a UV light, you can ‘charge’ it up with it and it will give a decent glow for a bit in the dark!

With this being my first go at these, I misjudged the amount of resin to put in, which means there were some overspills that left a bit of residue.

These are approx 5x4cm on 45cm nickel and zinc free RAINBOW chain!!! Only 6 of these are available!!

NOT PERFECT - Handpainted UF(MO)O Necklace

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